3 LINES GROUP holds a legal status of SPC ( SIngle Person Company) in Kingdom of Bahrain and is in the fast food services industry since 2009. The company has developed unique food service model that smoothly and efficiently caters a wide section of society, focusing on quick and healthy nourishment and enjoy quick bites in the realm of presently upcoming lifestyle, in contrary to conventional dining. It has become a popular joint, alternative to dining all the age groups all over the Bahrain, spreading the business centric areas, nearby residential areas to malls, leisure and refreshments areas.


There has been always a magical experience about fast food. It always attracts almost all the age groups making it irresistible for anyone not to go for it. Trip to fast food joint to many is like a treat imaginable where one can fill up oneself and enjoy the offered taste, attracting more and more number of people to the joint.
But during this it was discovered that such fast food makes one feel heavy and wakes up fat. Focusing on nourishment and providing healthy energy through meals made me ream a fast food chain of restaurants that can offer healthy & filling food, yet keeping one active.
This inclination led to discover the appropriate type of food to be served in the restaurant with initial experiments on family and friends prior to opening up the joint. It was always a concern to offer the food as a family food rather than to focus on commercial aspect of it. Serving healthy and family food to the community is always the core vision.


Our aim to offer services to our valuable customers is based on the following principles:
1. Ensure that each guest receives prompt, professional, friendly and Courteous service.
2. Maintain clean, comfortable and well maintained premises for our guests and staff too.
3. Provide a fair price structure, nutritional and well prepared meals, Using only quality ingredients.
4. Ensure that all the guests and staff are treated with the respect and dignity they deserve.
5. Provide consistently impeccable service by demonstrating warmth, Graciousness, efficiency and integrity in our works.
6. Ensure that every customer arrived, leaves happily and is excited to come back.
7. Create and maintain restaurant exceptionally in its attention to every detail of the operation.
8. Keep the concept fresh, exciting and on the cutting edge of the hospitality and fast food industry.



3 LINES has been part of fast food service industry for last six Years in Kingdom of Bahrain. It was established in the year 2009.
The concept was initially marketed as one of the fast food outlet that can deliver the variety of food basically prepared from three main items I.e. Potatoes, Burger and Pasta. Focusing on today’s fast pace life, 3 LINE, devised the service interweaving the technological innovations and turning the items from standardization to specialization. This has made 3 LINES a unique and favourite joint among all the age groups of people in Bahrain.
3 LINES has a wonderful and interesting history to know. Owner of the company, Mr. Mohammed Al Kaabi, had great passion for cooking and coming up with nice service outlet that deals with fast food services. Responding his passion he used to cook different items for his family and during this journey he discovered that pasta, burger and potatoes were the most demanding among his family members and friends. This discovery led him to spread his wings to entrepreneurship field, opening the first 3 LINE fast food outlet in Riffa, in 2009. 3 LINES, outlet in Riffa, served all the varieties of pasta, burger and potatoes. To a great surprise to Mr. Mohammed, it became the most desired outlet for dine-out, take away’s and delivery as well.
Resonating to the demand of the public from other areas in Bahrain, 3 LINES, expanded its service zone to many other areas like Isa Town, Busaiteen, Arad & Zinj etc. Catering the larger crowd of people and satisfying the taste hunger to wide geographical areas of Kingdom of Bahrain by delivery and of course the take away too. Following the passion and innovative entrepreneurship nature of Mr. Mohammed Al Kaabi, he conducted an in depth research understanding the basic craze for burger by travelling all over the world  with an idea to evolve a new concept and taste of burger that can be offered first to people of Bahrain and perhaps later spreading all over the world. Out come of this research led him to open a speciality outlet for burger offering variety of taste of burger available in various countries like Mexico, Beirut, Milan, New York etc.


3 LINES Group, S.p.c; is in the fast food service industry since 2009. It was formed with a concept to offer a unique continental meals at moderate rate yet maintaining the high standards of food quality strictly adhering to HACCP. Although many fast food industry exist in the present market, but our approach to service is unique in offering economical and exclusive taste of the varieties prepared under the single banner of 3 LINES group.

The service model of our all the outlets is meticulously designed focusing on reaching out our customers faster, offer them a high quality ambience and in-return earn their satisfaction following our one of the core business principles. Resultant growing number of customers and a following public demand, 3 LINES group has not only expanded its number of outlet in many areas of Bahrain but also has inspired us to offer them an another distinct ambience named as “Terminal Burger” outlet, extending absolutely an inimitable experience to the customers in Bahrain.

Both the streams i.e. “3 LINES” and “Terminal Burger” flow out to customers from the single roof of 3 LINES Group, s.p.c. as a mother company. Owner, Mr. Mohammed Al Kaabi, has successfully funded all the units ensuring all the outlets is equipped with high quality kitchen equipment, meticulous operation module meeting HACCP standards.
The managing members have collectively more then two decades of experience in the restaurant industry, Their combined efforts have capitalize extensively in developing all the units and served to yield detail plans that encompass the necessary elements required to succeed in today’s competitive restaurant environment.
3 LINES group, is backed up with research associates having intense market experience and keeps continuously working in developing new and innovative concepts to offer better and exclusive services to customers. Intense, accumulative years of collective experience in operation and marketing has placed the company sound enough to pave ahead the successful path in the current business ambience of Bahrain. Proven marketing techniques and operational systems will allow our management team to be proactive rather than reactive to the conditions and obstacles associated with our new innovative models of restaurant concept. Sound operational plan allows management to focus on building sales rather than profit. Our management team have an extremely high degree of confidence that the systems and controls incorporated in the business plans will indeed yield a calculated return for a given sales of volume. 3 LINES group, believes in working on realistic expectation of success model offering high quality service and also to extends benefit to the community by providing great product and secure jobs to community residents around.



3 LINES GROUP, S.P.C. provides high quality, quick-served Continental styled meals based on a central theme focusing on the products made from three main items i.e. Burger, Pasta and potato.
Products, not only offers the customer a unique taste among the varieties prepared from the above mentioned basic sources, but also takes care of the nourishment & keeping HACCP in mind while the preparation in the kitchen. Talent lies in offering customers an exclusive & distinctive fast food taste not available in Bahrain, yet prepared from the commonly easily available quality ingredients but an uncommon unique international taste.
The restaurant not only cater variety but also deliver fresh and faster products complying with HACCP. In a short span of six years, it has attained a great popularity among the people of Bahrain.
Leaping demand of public, encourages to reach out to them as fast as possible by means of opening various outlets in and out of Bahrain.

3 LINES GROUP, S.P.C. with great intensity, would like to support the demand of the public by increasing the number of outlets even by offering the franchising to deserving, dedicated and sincere investor or corporations. Although, 3 LINES GROUP, S.P.C. aim to expand rapidly, it will never compromise at all on the believes and practices of offering a quick and satisfactory services to their customers at any point of time and any location of point.




3 LINES group, as appeared in logo is a trademark registered in GCC. 3 LINES group is a legal registered entrepreneur / corporation as SPC, i.e. Single Person Company with ministry of Commerce and Industry in Kingdom of Bahrain. Entire group of company is owned singly by Mr. Mohammed Al Kaabi. The whole vision and investment in the company has been totally made by Mr. Kaabi. He has already spent nearly one million Bahraini Dinars for six to seven outlets so far in Bahrain & intends to expand another two to three more in next one year span of time, meeting the demand of people in Bahrain.


3 LINES corporate head quarter is based at following address in the Kingdom of Bahrain.
Al Fanar Building, Phase Second, Second Floor, Estiqlal Highway, Sanad, Kingdom of Bahrain.

P.O. Box: 38458,
Manama, Kingdom of Bahrain

Telephone: (00973) 1760 0114
Fax : (00973) 1760 0118
email : main@3linesgroup.com
Website : www.3linesgroup.com


With aim to serve larger number of people of Bahrain,
3 LINES group, so far have established five full fledged functional outlets in the important areas of Bahrain as shown below. These five outlets fetches are very successful in catering people and has encouraged us to open another four to five more joints to meet the growing demand of the public.